Principal Message

Education provides an all-round development of mind, body and spirit. Envisaging Mahatma Gandhi’s policy of imparting better education to village students, the management of SANSKAAR BHUMI – THE GLOBAL SCHOOL, Bareli had set up another institution in Lalgaon in July 2017. The school stands in a sprawling campus in the lap of nature preparing a serene and eco-friendly atmosphere for our student to do their lessons undisturbed. We have got a efficient and experienced teachers from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh with their full support and willingness to render services we are giving result-oriented education to our students.

Our aim is to make our students self-reliant in all respects and make them achieve good social manners and there by to have better social contacts and excellent social standing. We want our students to keep higher virtues and uphold higher moral values although their lives. In order to meet these requirements, we provide them with better education facilities which enable them to become embodiment of good qualities in their future lives. We help them understand their duties well and discharge them effectively.

There is a vast playground for them to prove their abilities in sports and games and to stay physically fit. More over, we have applied high technology in our school in the form of smart class. Computerized smart boards have have fixed in each and every class for their better learning and understanding . We have arranged infrastructure facilitates to keep them sound and safe during the school hours.

I am so proud to say that we have been receiving good response from our parents and well wishers ever since the institution has been established. I do hope that with their full support and co-operation , we can instill better efforts for the welfare of our students in the years to come.