• The age limit for admission to nursery is 3 Years. A birth certificate must be produced.
  • Admission form will have to be filled in by the parent/ guardian and all the preliminary fees should be paid on the day of admission.
  • Admission fee once paid is not refundable.
  • Every candidate for the admission must be introduced in person at the time of admission.
  • A student coming from any other school will have to submit
    • The transfer certificate from the school last attended duly signed by the concerned educational authority.
    • The mark list of the last examination held
    • The candidate will have to appear for an interview and written test.
  • The principal/ Headmaster reserves the right to refuse an admission without having to assign any reason for such an action.
  • If the parents wish to withdraw a child from the school, they must apply for the T.C. in writing two days in advance, pay all the dues and obtain the T.C against the payment of Rs 100.00 from the office.
  • Students are dismissed from school for serious violation of school discipline, such as:
    • Constant weakness in studies
    • Habitual idleness and disobedience
    • Behavioral problems
    • Indifference to the school activities
    • Moral breach considered serious by the school authorities.

School uniform

On all school days and at school functions every pupil should be modestly dressed in school uniform. Uniform should be carefully arranged in the prescribed shade and pattern; parents are expected to ensure that their children are neat and tidy before coming for school.

 Uniform Pattern

 KG Section



Tie&Belt,                       Sweater
On Wednesdays & Saturdays: White uniform with white shoes & socks