The Primary block reverberates with the energy of each despite. The class rooms are well ventilated and naturally lit. The design of class rooms reflects positive energy. The curriculum is planned in a manner which gives equal emphasis to academics and co-curricular activities.

From class III, each subject is handled by subject experts who give a clear insight into the subjects, which is helped by hand on practical for in depth knowledge of the basic concepts of science and math. To develop impeccable language, students visit language labs for English, and Sanskrit.

Sanskaar Bhumi believes technology is the back bone of development. From primary level students are given exposure to various computer applications. A separate Computer lab for the primary classes designed as per their requirement.

Co-curricular activities are given utmost importance in the overall development of Despites. These activities help to develop the students’ cultural aptitude and physical strength and stamina.

M.A.D. (Music Art Dance) department lets each child express his/her ability uninhibited. “A healthy mind rests in a healthy body”. To vent energy and to develop self discipline sports are the best elixir. The sports complex offers – cricket, foot ball. For grooming the personality of each student Personality Development lab provides ample opportunity.

The students are grouped under four houses which gives each of them an opportunity to enhance their skills. The competitions conducted are inter house which helps in striking a close relation with House tutors and House wardens.

The Inter house competitions shape Despites and in turn they become industrious and skilled.